And the award goes to.....


Red carpet season has started.  Time for a new outfit or 4 (for all those 'pre' and 'after' events) -how exciting to have a seriously good reason to go shopping!  

Or not!

A guy can dust off his suit carrier,  a few minutes to let it hang in the shower and at the very most a trip to the dry cleaners.  Generally, not so for women!

VERY FEW WOMEN LIKE SHOPPING (see my previous blog - July 14) which is why I do what I do because I am one of the few!  I LOVE it!  I shop for you and with you, showing you there's a different way to shop.  Shopping for colour, or more specifically YOUR colours cuts down the decision making, saves time and also money as you go home with not one single 'it's ok' item.  You will LOVE EVERYTHING and everything will LOVE YOU!

Your Zing* colours and your palette give you an EASY FOCUS you simply look for your COLOUR FIRST!

My latest client in LA has to attend many award ceremonies with her husband.  She used to dread  them for all the obvious reasons...

What am I going to wear, will I be too overdone, will I look too frumpy, HOW can I look any good compared to all the gorgeous young women, isn't it better just to wear black?

AFTER A COLOUR CONSULTATION AND WARDROBE RE-CREATION WITH ME she discovered she didn't actually need to go shopping.  Her 'isn't it too blingy and bright on me?' dress was perfect it just needed the confidence to go with it.  As it was in one of her Zing* colours which she'd discovered as part of my unique and modern approach to colour, she found that confidence and her smile said it al!

#colourcreates    - confidence in yourself - confidence in your clothes - improved self-esteem  -  and a big smile   


Photo by Robert Daly/OJO Images / Getty Images
Photo by Robert Daly/OJO Images / Getty Images