My feature in the Sunday Telegraph - A Parents Guide to Help with Styling Teenagers

From working as a police officer and a teacher I have learnt how to talk to teenagers and the most important step is to talk to them like an adult and ask them their opinion, like an adult.  It then helps you to reason with them, like an adult... this applies to style, too.

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Do you skip to the shops to update your wardrobe?

Do you skip to the shops to get your spring wardrobe?

Most people drag their heels and buy clothes they don't need.  My guide will help you to achieve successful store skipping...

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And the award goes to.....

Awards season - a time for piling on the glamour but also a time for worry!  What to wear for women is a humongous dilemma and one very few women enjoy dealing with.  My latest blog unveils why the awards should go to every woman...

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