Time for Layering - not as easy as it sounds

Who knows what the weather is going to  do this time of year!  Layering is a great way of looking good but being ready for a 10 deg temperature change, especially if you're packing for a UK weekend away.  But, there are a  few tricks  to layering which are worth remembering, and which will prevent you looking like a kleptomaniac at a jumble sale.

A key point to remember is the further out (away from the skin) you go, the thicker/more substantial the fabric.  So, wear thin cotton under fine wool - under thicker more chunky wool/cotton, under thick blazers/and or coats then add scarves and hats.  

When you're adding layers to your top half it's best to keep TROUSERS SLIM to compensate. Skinnies may be on their way out but not just yet and look the best with chunky healed ankle boots.

Being a person who feels cold very easily I am loving the COAT LAYERING trend this season and have found some excellent overcoats which work over a blazer (Zara, French Connection for women; Fruugo, John Lewis, Desigual for men).  It's best to have some shape/point of interest - a key bright colour, cheque or pattern amongst the layers or even in a scarf is a good way of creating this unless the Scandi look is your thing.

Shirts are a great underlayer (especially patterned, checked or spotted), looking fab under crew neck jumpers, tank tops or under loose drape cardigans, and also add shape if worn left out rather than tucked in.  Mix up the shapes of hems (as seen at 3.1 Philip Lim) with shirts and jumpers.  Turtle necks or chunky roll necks are also great for warmth and look good under bomber jackets or blanket coats with a sleeveless waist coat, just keep the longest hem on the outside.

Best to keep footwear simple with layering.  Classic and neutral, chunky heeled ankle boots for ladies, chelsea or brogue boots for guys.

As for colour - go tonal, greys/blues/white or browns/greens/creams but add one piece with a bright colour or pattern.  

If you would like any help with shopping and styling then please get in touch.

Layer up and keep warm!!