Connecting the branding dots...

I have had the pleasure of meeting some true branding experts in the last few weeks and naturally we have lots of discussion around branding and what makes a great brand and a memorable personal brand.

The topics we've covered have included the more obvious - impactive logos, marketing and brand message to the less obvious - energy, image, chakras and congruence.

The key theme with all of the conversations was this:

A good brand and more importantly the best brands, have connected the dots.

When you meet someone at a networking event and they stick in your head after; when you see someone's profile on Linked In and you think, 'Wow, they're going to be good'.  That's a brand who has connected the dots. 

It's not an instant thing.  Most entrepreneurs I know who are rocking their personal brand have gone through a lot of self-development, healing and confidence building to get where they are but what they have done is recognised that their ESSENCE (their purpose, values and beliefs); their EXPERIENCE (employment and personal) and their EXPRESSION (image and both forms of communication) are all connected.

The key to a great personal brand is to create transparency, it's all glaringly obvious that you believe in what you do, you know you're good and you know to get that across.  This creates a different level of entrepreneur, one that we know we can trust instantly, it comes naturally.

Simple really, just requires a little work.

If you would like to find out more about connecting your dots then please get in touch.


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