Jo offers a free 30 minute PERSONAL BRAND REVIEW before booking any of her services. All of Jo's services are bespoke to you - your personality, your lifestyle, your business and your brand. Jo will nurture and encourage you through a journey of discovery to ROCK YOUR PERSONAL BRAND. To see Jo's testimonials go to her YouTube channel - Jo Baldwin Trott


EXPRESS your Personal Brand

1 DAY WORKSHOP - from £857/$1127

The right image - and that includes the right colours - as well as the right message will make an impression, create an impact and will ensure you are remembered.

More importantly ‘when we know and feel that we are expressing ourselves visually and verbally in a true and authentic way we are more believable and more engaging. This is what creates charisma. Jo BT

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ROCK your Personal Brand


'Your personal brand consists of your ESSENCE, EXPERIENCE, EXPRESSION & ENERGY'. Jo BT

Jo has learnt the value of identifying your personal brand through her varied career which includes professional speaking, policing, customer service, sales & teaching. Jo has an honours degree in business plus extensive corporate experience. View her Linked In profile here

'Jo showed so much enthusiasm and professionalism I knew right away that I could trust her level of expertise, she is amazing at what she does'.    Kayla Conley, Keynote Speaker, London

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Professional Speaking

Jo combines her extensive corporate experience, business qualifications and image expertise to deliver a powerful message of how you can increase your success as an individual and as a team.  'We need to celebrate our uniqueness - our own personal brand either as an entrepreneur or within a corporation.  Every part of our ESSENCE, our EXPERIENCE and our EXPRESSION creates our personal brand.  With the growth of AI we need to stop blending in and be confident to be different and uniquely us.

Jo offers the following subjects which can be offered as a talk, presentation or workshop.

- If superheroes wore suits...  Are you hiding your superpowers?

- Mindset over matter.  Women must change too to achieve equality.

- Blending-in syndrome.  Your self-created uniform is killing your personal brand

- #BEINGBRAVE We can choose the life we wish, it just takes a moment to choose a different path (based on Jo's personal story).

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Consultative Services

Whether you are a solopreneur or part of a large corporation we can only fulfi'l oir true potential if we are fully connected to our personal brand and know how to express it, using the right branding, image and colours. This creates greater confidence and clarity to grow your business, become more visible and achieve the unachievable.

Hourly rate from £257/$337

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Gift Vouchers

For a unique and life-long gift buy a friend, loved one or colleague a gift voucher for any of the above services.

'My husband of 11 years said that his voucher - a birthday gift - was the best present I have ever given him'.  Natalie bought an ULTIMATE PERSONAL SHOPPING voucher for her husband Engineering Manager, Roman.  To watch his video click here.


Jo's First Book - 'Rock your Personal Brand' 

Jo's first book explains the value of you as a personal brand.  When we recognise this value we can achieve more than we ever have, feel fulfilled more than before.  Knowing how to embrace your uniqueness and your values will help you to rock your personal brand.

Jo has also the forthcoming books, soon to be available:  'Then There Was Green' - Jo's personal story of courage, resilience and re-discovery;  'VIBE' - The Power of Colour Now; 'Mindful your Business' - how to grow your business without the stress.

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